Communications Training

Helen Gottstein is the proud owner of Loud and Clear, a communication training business that works with top executives and others on their communication and presentation skills.
She has trained hundreds of people in purpose driven storytelling, pitching and audience focused presentations.

Presentations, Pitches and Leadership Presence:
Effective presentations are made in simple, concise, clear language. They maximize audience attention and balance information and emotion.
No matter what your goal or the context in which you will be presenting, she can help you deliver a more effective presentation.

Overcoming a Fear of Public Speaking

For some people it is overwhelming. Helen’s simple but powerful techniques increase personal power, freedom and confidence on stage and behind the mic.

Small Talk and Public Grace

Stop hugging the wall at conventions. Learn how to accept an honor. Wherever you are on the confidence spectrum.Team BuildingOutstanding sessions for mixed background staff, interdepartmental communication and ‘Let’s avoid the Blame Game’ sessions for groups of up to 120 people. Sessions are active, fun and demanding.

Effective Meetings – From Dreaded To Desired

Effective staff meetings solve problems, address concerns, teach, align and satisfy a range of organizational needs. Communication framing, focus and planning make all the difference.Inter-Departmental Communication”What is their problem?” “Why don’t they ever…?” If your staff ask these questions about people in other departments, it may mean they need to know more about what goes on elsewhere.Helen has a particular interest in the power of language used well, cultural codes and emotional intelligence. She taught Public Speaking for four years at Bar Ilan University, trained with Dale Carnegie and is a judge for Debating Matters in Israel.
She is a frequently featured and promoted blogger at the Times of Israel on women, business and Jewish values.
On the theatre front, Helen has performed her one woman shows and drama training sessions over 600 times in seven countries.
A trained teacher, her M.A. is in Communications (MSPC) from Clark University (Tel Aviv branch) and her training in facilitation comes from Columbia Teachers College, Melitz-El-Gizer and from years in informal education.