Intellectual Property

If you are currently working with a patent attorney, excellent! Keep working with them. What we bring to the table in this case is: * Maintenance of trade secrets * Proper contractual relationship with employees and suppliers * Ensure there is alignment between the IP, the products and the company’s business strategy. * Ensure the right questions are asked, in other words that the internal review mechanism when it comes to IP, ROI is properly implemented. * We analyze the patent portfolio to check future costs and provide a second opinion on existing patents in order to provide future estimated costs. For IP Portfolio Management: The review involves assessment on whether the company knows what and how to protect their sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors providing management and engineers with guidelines concerning the patenting process. Feasibility analysis for entering the process of registering patents, especially cost analysis near and long term. Protecting products using design patents and registered designs. Trademarks/Trade dress protection. Indemnification consulting, including review of distribution agreements.

We are an Israeli-American Intellectual Property firm that handles patents, designs, copyright and trademarks worldwide.

Our field of expertise includes complex mechanics, robotics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, ag-biotech (genomics, proteomics, small molecules and diagnostics) medical devices, dental and electronics.
We advise on the proper patent search that needs to be done before filing a patent.We can tell you what you need to think about before embarking on the patent process.
We work with companies to define the IP strategy.
We look at the business side of things and plan the patent according to the business (rather than write the patent for the sake of being registered).
We analyse patent portfolios in order to see if the patent is aligned with the products.
We know how to teach companies how to identify trade secrets within the company, how to treat the confidential information (also when it comes to employees).

The firm can also provide IP management services from docket management, through IP strategy development to IP Portfolio development.

Drafting and prosecution is carried out with the target being the commercialization and monetization of IP and products supported by the IP.
The approach is to make sure the IP is aligned with market needs and strategy.